2018-2019 iMAD Newsletter

Written by on August 20, 2018

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Program Update
iMAD In-School Program
iMAD After-School Program
Meet The Educators
Important Dates
Social Media & Contact Information
Highlands County STI Data

Program Update
Program Implementation

During the 2017-2018 school year, the iMAD program served 2,697 students. We completed the program at Avon Park Middle School, Heartland Christian Academy, Hill-Gustat Middle School, Lake Placid Middle School, and Sebring Middle School. This year was the first time we held a 9th grade assembly at Sebring High School. This assembly served as a refresher and reminder to students to think about the actions they take, and the consequences that may occur. Note: The iMAD schedule for the 2018-2019 school year is currently in the works! Please check our website and social media for updated information. We look forward to having another great year.

iMAD Team Travels

Our team just returned from the annual Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention conference in June. This conference provided the most recent research findings and valuable trainings to further improve our programs.  In July, the Program Director and Senior Health Educator visited the Northeast division of the Children’s Home Society to discuss program operations with fellow educators and lead a group of youth through numerous program activities. Two team members also visited the C.A.P.S. Program of district 24 in Chicago. This presentation worked on bridging the conversation between Chicago youth and their caring adult(s).  We had a wonderful time partnering with the Chicago Police Department and youth from around district 24. Everyone felt enriched and enlightened as to how we show up in our communities.

About iMAD

iMAD stands for “I Make A Difference,” reflecting HRHN’s belief that students can make a difference by making informed decisions about their lives. The 2018-2019 school year will be using the “Get Real” curriculum. Get Real empowers students to build healthy relationships, delay sex, and protect themselves from pregnancy and STI’s.

This year, we will be holding a Parent Night at every public middle school.  Parent Night allows parents and guardians the opportunity to meet the educators, ask questions about the curriculum, and view a sample lecture.  View the “important dates” section for more information.

To view the curriculum that will be shown to students for the 2018-2019 school year, visit hrhnimad.org.

iMAD Girls
About iMAD Girls

iMAD Girls is an after-school program focused on teaching girls the knowledge and skills to make healthy choices in their lives. This year, we will also start a male mentoring program called Why uMad Bro?  The programs have lessons on multiple topics within these main domains: healthy relationships, adolescent development, and healthy life skills. Topics include leadership, puberty, body image, self-esteem/ self-confidence, goal setting, and friendships and relationships.

After-school programs will begin after the iMAD program is implemented in schools.  Visit our website at hrhnimad.org or imadgirls.org for future updates and to learn more about our after-school programs.

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Larry is the Program Director of the iMAD Program. As a community leader, he is dedicated to helping youth make healthy choices.

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