Breaking Down Your Goals For 2022

Written by on January 10, 2022

Breaking Down Your Goals For 2022

It’s a brand new year! It’s the time when everything feels new again, hopeful and many are eager to tackle their goals. But before you start working towards the “new year, new me” mantra, there are a few things you can do to set yourself up for success – let’s break down your goals for 2022!


One of the biggest challenges many people face when tackling their new year’s goals is finding a way to commit to their goals in a healthy and balanced way. Too often we get excited to work on our resolutions without creating an actionable plan to break them down and make them a reality. 


Let’s Break It Down

The first step is to think big! What are the biggest goals you want to achieve in your lifetime? That may be a tall order initially, but dreaming big can have a huge impact on how you structure all your smaller goals, or side quests. While bigger goals can be fun to dream up, they can also be quite overwhelming. So breaking them down into smaller pieces makes them more manageable in the long run. 


The second step is to create a roadmap to your future. Do you want to become the next big singer? How will you get there while you are still in school? Mapping out your plan towards success is a great way to begin to create actionable steps. For example, finding out if your school has a chorus you can join, or maybe there is a great singer in your church who would be willing to give you lessons. This begins to shape up your roadmap to your success.


The third step is to create milestones. One of the best ways to stay focused on your goals is by determining what milestones are achievable and can create a bigger impact on your future. While you are working towards becoming that next big Grammy winner, are there some milestones you can cross off along the way? How about singing out in public or on a livestream? What about trying out for some competitions?


The fourth step is to create a daily routine. Small, consistent steps are the key to reaching your milestones. Can you practice singing every day for an hour? How about showing up on Instagram Live once a week? Are there new skills you can work on such as technique or breathing exercises that you can incorporate into your routine every day?


The fifth step is to create to-do lists. Crossing off milestones and to-do lists can visually create a psychological sense of accomplishment. Even if you feel you aren’t doing enough to achieve your goals, seeing your crossed-off lists can help you stay grounded in the present, appreciate how far you have come and help you look forward to the future.


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