Team Members

iMAD Health Educator

Mary Jane James

Hello my name is MJ, also known as Mary Jane, and I am the newest member of the iMAD team. I am so excited about getting to equip children with the tools they will need to not only survive but thrive.

iMAD Health Educator

Anthony Fontanes

Being born in Elizabeth, New Jersey and raised in West Palm Beach, Florida has always given me an outside perspective from the small city lifestyle. I still have to get use to the fact that I’ll always run into someone I know when I go to any store in Highlands County. But that isn’t a bad thing. I’ve used that as an opportunity to foster some great friendships and meet many wonderful people who live here.

iMAD Health Educator

Michelle Cathey

Well, what can I say about me? Highlands County, Avon Park, in particular, has always been my home base, but from the age of five, I've had the opportunity to travel.

Executive Director

Melissa Thibodeau

As a Central-Florida native, I have always had a strong desire to empower people through providing knowledge and opportunities for growth. Part of this comes from having a family who was always embroiled in education. My mother was a teacher and my stepfather was a principal in Polk County throughout my childhood. My father was a college professor and my older sister is dedicated to providing higher education opportunities to the youth of Tennessee through her work with the Tennessee Higher Education Consortium.

iMAD Program Director

Larry Moore

While still actively writing and performing, I am excited about instilling the dynamics of acting for stage and film in up and coming talent through performing arts events focused on refining natural and raw talent. In addition to my role at Heartland Rural Health Network as the iMAD Program Director, I also currently work for Universal as a Harry Potter Theming Trainer.