Self Empowerment 101: How to Improve Your Life

Written by on September 26, 2022

Everyone faces challenges in life. We are all faced with life obstacles that shape who we are. How we meet those challenges determines if we will continue to strive for the life we deserve and want. 

You hear about self-care but rarely about the impact and importance of self-empowerment. Self-empowerment is the determination to persevere despite obstacles and setbacks. When you prioritize self-empowerment, you actively choose to take control of your life. Self-empowered individuals have the ambition to achieve goals, turn weaknesses into opportunities, and hold themselves accountable. 

While self-empowerment has a ripple effect on your life, there are smaller benefits that affect the future you wish to have.

Benefits of Empowering Yourself

If you have had a tough time realizing your fullest potential, you may have blinders on to the future life you could have. Many people feel they are victims of their life’s circumstances; however, you can always choose to improve your quality of life. Through baby steps to self-empowerment, you will find that the benefits outweigh living a life of feeling stuck all the time.

Self Confidence
When you feel empowered to move toward your goals, you feel confident to tackle anything that comes your way. 

Bounce Back
Since no one is immune to challenges, self-empowerment motivates you to bounce back from obstacles quicker. You provide yourself with the confidence to face adversity and move forward.

Reach Goals
One of the most significant benefits of empowering yourself is that you feel more motivated to work towards your goals. You are less likely to wait for your future to occur, but instead, revel in the process it takes to reach your goals.

Personal Development
As you move away from being a victim of your life’s circumstances, self-empowerment gives you the curiosity to develop the necessary skills to achieve your goals. By developing new skills, you are creating the future you want.

But how do you create self-empowerment if you are feeling unmotivated?

How to Become Self-Empowered

Some people move through life, floating in the flow of everything. They seem unbothered by opposing challenges. Their ability to maintain focus and positivity throughout their lives sets them apart from others. So how can you become more like them?

Find Your Why
Of course, a desire to change is the first step they most likely took, but what keeps them focused at all times is their “why”. Without their reasons for wanting to change, it would be hard to maintain a positive mindset. But, of course, everyone’s “why” looks different – there are no right or wrong reasons to want to make positive changes as long as those reasons are solely for you. One of the easiest ways to discover your “why” is by exploring your values. Your values will help guide you toward the future you desire. 

Set Your Goals
It’s one thing to be broad about your goals in life, such as wanting success, wanting financial freedom, or wanting to be thinner. But how do you break those down? The first step is defining what those goals mean to you. For example, if you want success, do you want to reach a particular monetary goal? Or maybe you want to be your own boss full-time? Defining that end goal will help you determine the best path toward success. From there, you can break your goal down into smaller goals that will help you stay motivated on your way. 

Use Your Natural Talents
Have you uncovered your natural talents? Everyone has unique qualities that they can use to help achieve their goals in life. Whether it be logical, musical, naturalist, existential, or interpersonal, no matter what your strengths are, you can use them to your advantage when learning how to empower yourself. 

Take Responsibility
While there are times when you will encounter obstacles that are beyond your control, you can take control over how you react. As a result, you alone can move forward in life or remain stuck in the same patterns. The upside to taking responsibility is that you are also taking accountability for the positive actions you create, such as achieving your goals, crossing off steps you take towards your future, and celebrating your successes.

Positive Affirmations
You will have plenty of opportunities to move effortlessly through your goals, but what about those days when you feel off or unmotivated? How do you move past the day-to-day struggles and still find the effort to keep moving forward? Positive affirmations are the key to moving ahead when you feel stuck.

Post positive affirmations in places you will frequently see, such as on a post-it note on your bathroom mirror, near your desk, on your phone, or anywhere else that makes sense to you. Some helpful affirmations might be:

  • I can achieve big goals.
  • I am strong.
  • I am confident.
  • I am smart.
  • I have the power to change my life for the better.
  • I am fierce.
  • I have everything I need within me.

A positive mindset is essential to empowering yourself.

Limiting Beliefs
It’s easy to doubt yourself when you fall into a rut. When life has been challenging or complicated, it’s easy for you to give up. But a more effective way to change your life is to recognize your limiting beliefs. Limiting beliefs are often learned early in life and are pivotal in how we move through life as adults. These beliefs are doubts that you can do something to change your circumstances. It takes intentionality to challenge those beliefs by changing your thinking. 

Self-empowerment isn’t something that comes naturally, but once you understand the tools, how they impact your life, and why they are essential to you, you can begin to see the changes you desire. One of the greatest gifts you can give yourself, and your family is learning how to become self-empowered. Once you know how to move through life with flow and ease, you can teach your children how to do the same. Empowered people empower people!


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