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Written by on April 13, 2018


What is Switter?

Switter is a (relatively) new social media site that has recently received a lot of attention.  I had never heard of this website/app until recently, so I decided to do a bit of research.

Looking at the Switter app, there wasn’t much information.  It claims to be rated ‘Teen’ and that’s about it.  Multiple articles have described it as ‘Twitter meets Tinder’ and after visiting their Twitter platform, I understand why.  @CoSwitter opens their description with “#swipe to #retweet with Switter!”.1 Okay… so maybe this is another version of Twitter where you can look at posts based on specific hashtags or platforms, only it adds the added feature of reposting by swiping left or right.  This seemed strangely similar to me, so I decided to do a Google search to find their main website.  That is when I received a rude awakening.


Screenshot of Switter website

On the about page, the opening line is “Welcome to Switter!  A sex work-friendly social space.”2 If you search #switter, most posts are about sexworkers and the services they provide.  Parents, be aware that this new app exists and is becoming more and more popular.  Overnight, over 4,000 people signed up.

What students want their parents to know…

Earlier this year, The Washington Post posted the article What teens wish their parents knew about social media.  The writer interviewed middle school and high school students and produced a list of ‘secrets’ teens didn’t want to tell their parents but did want their parents to know.  The teens also identified what they would like parents to do3:

  1. “Talk with us about the apps we like to use and why. Most of you have no idea about our world.”
  2. “Help us keep an eye on who is following us.”
  3. “Accept that there are lots of good things on social media- it is not all bad stuff.”
  4. “Talk with us about sexting and healthy relationships in a way that isn’t awkward.”


To read the full article visit The Washington Post.



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Larry is the Program Director of the iMAD Program. As a community leader, he is dedicated to helping youth make healthy choices.

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